Taylor Carter

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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Biology

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Alamelu Sundaresan

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Sodipe Ayodotun

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Olufemi Shodimmu

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Wilkerson Daryl


ETAS, Heat Shock Protein Complex, Heat Shock Proteins, HSP70, Oxidative Stress


Neurodegenerative disease in the CNS is usually a product of increased oxidative stress in the brain. In this study we tested the ability of an asparagus supplement ETAS to help reduce oxidative stress in the normal brains of Balb C mice. Oxidative stress pathways (Heat shock proteins) are usually cumulative in the damage they cause when disrupted. We treated normal Balb C mice with ETAS and had control groups with no ETAS supplementation in their regular diet. We then sacrificed the mice and conducted microarray studies to compare oxidative stress pathway genes. We also characterized the effects of regular oxidative cells in a mammalian cell model treated with alcohol to understand how oxidative stress impairs the functions of a normal neuronal cell. Results from both in vivo and in vitro experiments will be described in this study.