In Texas, the legislature meets every two years. At the end of a regular legislative session, hundreds of passed bills will have been sent to the governor for approval. The large number of bills and the wide range of topics they cover can make it difficult to gain an understanding of all the new laws that were passed, and this session there were three special sessions as well. At the close of each legislative session the Earl Carl Institute publishes, for the benefit of its constituents, highlights from the session in a bi-annual legislative report. In this year’s publication entitled Report on the Texas Legislature, 87th Session: An Urban Perspective, the Institute attempted to cover matters that it believes to be of concern to the urban community, however, many of the highlights cover issues of particular concern to other traditionally disenfranchised communities as well. The legislation covered in these reports generally falls under such issues as Criminal Justice (Human Trafficking, Criminal Procedure, Wrongful Convictions, Domestic Violence), Elections, Juvenile Justice, Family Law, Property, Education, Healthcare, Wills, Estate and Probate, Wealth and Litigation. We are pleased to present, via The Bridge: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Legal & Social Policy, the executive summary of this year’s legislative report and report excerpts. The full report was published in September 2022 and can found at http://www.tsulaw.edu/centers/ECI/publications.html.

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