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African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies

ISSN 1554-3897

The African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies is the official organ of the African Criminology and Justice Association. The African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies Journal from its maiden issue Vol 1, Issue 1: Spring 2005 to the Vol 13. Issue 1: Spring 2020, was sponsored, hosted, and published at and by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. (Consistent Location of all previous articles: Beginning with the Fall 2023 Issue the journal shall be hosted and published at Texas Southern University and sponsored by Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.[The entirety of the original Articles are available on the current journal space]. As before and still, the opinions expressed in the journal are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the association's views.

According to Dr. Biko Agozino, former Editor-In-Chief and the current Editor-in-Chief Declan Ihekwoaba Onwudiwe, Ph.D., the journal is here to fill a void in existing knowledge by exposing the discipline to knowledge about and from Africa and Africans worldwide that could enrich the discipline in a progressive direction. For too long has criminology continued as a discipline designed almost exclusively by others with little or no acknowledgment of the actual and potential contributions from African sources.

African Social Science Review (Journals)

ISSN 1521-6667

African Social Science Review is a publication previously sponsored by theCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences at Kennesaw State University and now sponsored by Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University.

For more information, see our Aims and Scope page.

Journal of Public Management & Social Policy (Journals)

ISSN 1080-8523

The Journal of Public Management and Social Policy is currently published by Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration (Rutgers SPAA) and hosted by the Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University.

The Journal volumes and issues prior to Volume 20, Issue 1 are accessible via the Journal's webpage located at

Ralph Bunche Journal of Public Affairs (Journals)

The Ralph Bunche Journal of Public Affairs is an online, peer-reviewed journal of political science, public administration, and public policy. It cultivates scholarship, encourages diverse dialogue, and fosters critical scholarly viewpoints on social, political, and public issues.

Call for Papers Special Issue: United States Election 2020 and Its Consequences for Democracy.


The Ralph Bunche Journal of Public Affairs is dedicating a special issue to the United States election 2020 and its consequences for democracy. While 160 million people voted and registered their voices in last year’s election, voter intimidation and racial disparities in access to the ballot continued, thusly showing not only a deterioration in the election system’s effectiveness, but the unprecedented attempts to delegitimize and overturn the election results in some states led to a democracy crisis that has never been experienced in the United States. Although the 2020 election is over and all the Electoral College votes were eventually counted by Congress, efforts to subvert American democracy are on the rise. According to a United States Democracy Center report, as of June 2021 about 216 pieces of legislation were introduced in 41 states, including Texas that would impede election administration in the affected jurisdictions.

The Journal hopes to expand the understanding of lessons learned and offer recommendations for future elections. In view of this, the call for papers invites manuscripts that not only address the 2020 election’s problems and challenges, but also preventive reforms and recommendations based on lessons learned. The Journal also highly encourages submissions that explore the election administration, voter suppression, ballot accessibility, and felony disenfranchisement laws, among others. Additionally, it invites manuscripts that offer prescriptions to reforming the United States election system and various ways to eliminate barriers to voting.

Please submit your one-page abstract proposal to the RBJPA Editor and Guest Editor via e-mail on or before Friday, November 12, 2021. You may also submit your proposal online at (which requires you to create a profile before submission). Notification of proposal acceptance will be sent out by Friday, November 19, 2021, and completed manuscripts will be mailed out for peer review by Friday, April 7, 2022. The tentative date of publication for accepted manuscripts is October 2022.

  • Editor
    Dr. Andrew I. E. Ewoh
    BJ-ML School of Public Affairs
    Texas Southern University
    3100 Cleburne Street
    Houston, Texas 77004
  • Guest Editor
    Dr. R. Lucas Williams
    BJ-ML School of Public Affairs
    Texas Southern University
    3100 Cleburne Street
    Houston, Texas 77004

Southwestern Business Administration Journal

ISSN 1554-7892

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

The Southwestern Business Administration Journal (SBAJ) is a refereed publication. The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for current thoughts, techniques, theories, issues, trends, and innovations in teaching and learning within the business administration field. Its general focus is to enhance the teaching and learning process. The SBAJ is published in spring and fall of every year. All manuscripts submitted to the journal will be subject to a double-blind referee process.

Manuscript authors are encouraged to submit their manuscript in ELECTRONIC format via the Submit Article button to the right.

The Bridge: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Legal & Social Policy (Thurgood Marshall School of Law)

ISSN 2160-3065

The Bridge: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Legal & Social Policy (formerly ECI Interdisciplinary Journal for Legal & Social Policy ) is the scholarly publication produced by the Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Inc. (ECI). The Bridge is a peer reviewed journal that provides research-driven articles to equip and empower all of those working in the legal and social policy space to impact policy and practice changes that address the diverse needs of urban populations. It is published bi-annually.

ECI is a research center on policy issues for the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. The mission of the Institute is to empower underserved and disenfranchised communities by addressing systemic social issues through legal representation, research, education, and  advocacy. For more information, visit

Please direct questions to

Urban Research and Resource Journal

Purpose and Audience: The Urban Research and Resource Journal provides critical evidence-based research and resources for addressing urban issues. It is designed to serve as a forum for scholars and others to articulate urban matters from multi-disciplined perspectives. It will be read by academic scholars as well as members of the general population, practitioners and legislative/policy-makers.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.