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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Biology

Committee Chairperson

Ayodotun Sodipe

Committee Member 1

Jason Rosenzweig

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Shishir Shishodia

Committee Member 3

Makuba Lihono


extracellular polysaccaride, lactic acid bacteria, probiotic


The study focuses on a comprehensive review of lactic acid bacteria and their production of extracellular polysaccharide substrates (EPS). Two important factors are addressed in the work; and these are 1) identification of LAB stains found in the commercially sold daily milk, 2) significant factors impacting polysaccharide production. Motivation behind these focus points is to allow further inquiries and studies on exploring these strains of bacteria for human wellness promotion. With microbial EPS production being a recent interest of study among healthcare and food industries sectors, new species of bacteria are extensively exploited for further investigation to improve human health, and other raw dairy materials. Being that LAB is the more predominant population of bacteria in dairy milk, this research focuses on this source to extract LAB species known to produce EPS. Even further, EPS production is examined under various influence such as temperature, pH, incubation time, and culture supplementation with heavy metal ion cadmium, magnesium, calcium chloride, and ethanol. Experiments conducted were in triplicate with results within acceptable standard error of measurement.