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Municipal Consolidation and Organizational Realities: A Case from New York City
Bakry Elmedni, Sade V. McIntosh, and Beverly P. Lyons


The Impact of Adaptive Learning in Principles of Microeconomics
Doris S. Bennett, Cynthia S. McCarty, and Michael S. Carter


Conditions for Competition: Assessing the Competitive Dynamics of US Counties
Josh Mitchell, LaShonda Stewart, John Hamman, and Steve Modlin


In vitro and in vivo characterization of potent antileishmanial methionine aminopeptidase 1 inhibitors
Felipe Rodriguez, Sarah F. John, Eva Iniguez, Sebastian Montalvo, Karina Michael, Lyndsey White, Dong Liang, Omonike A. Olaleye, and Rosa A. Maldonado


Pre-clinical pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and physicochemical studies of CLBQ14, a novel methionine aminopeptidase inhibitor for the treatment of infectious diseases
Oscar Ekpenyong, Xiuqing Gao, Jing Ma, Candace Cooper, Linh Nguyen, Omonike A. Olaleye, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie


Bioanalytical assay development and validation for the pharmacokinetic study of gmc1, a novel fkbp52 co-chaperone inhibitor for castration resistant prostate cancer
Oscar Ekpenyong, Candace Cooper, Jing Ma, Naihsuan C. Guy, Ashley N. Payan, Fuqiang Ban, Artem Cherkasov, Marc B. Cox, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie


A novel irinotecan-lipiodol nanoemulsion for intravascular administration: pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in the normal and tumor bearing rat liver
Marites P. Melancon, Steven Yevich, Rony Avritscher, Adam Swigost, Linfeng Lu, Li Tian, Jossana A. Damasco, Katherine Dixon, Andrea C. Cortes, Nina M. Munoz, Dong Liang, David Liu, and Alda L. Tam


Age-and Region-Dependent Disposition of Raloxifene in Rats
Ting Du, Rongjin Sun, Imoh Etim, Zicong Zheng, Dong Liang, Ming Hu, and Song Gao


Racial disparity in drug disposition in the digestive tract
Song Gao, Edward C. Bell, Yun Zhang, and Dong Liang

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