Journal of Public Management & Social Policy


Public administration navigates an important place in governing in that it is multidisciplinary and focused on practice, thus all theories need to be prepared to face critique from the people. At this watershed moment of social justice, political reckoning, and revolutionary imagination, it is key that public administration contends with the racist logics driving the field and the practice. In this article, we examine the ways that the current governing system fails to account for the racialized political economy, thus reproducing the inequality inherent in that system. The paper poses two questions: 1) How does the public administration of local governments reproduce inequality? And 2) How can we rethink public administration through a system of governing that intentionally engages with and rectifies racialized practices? We argue that late-stage capitalism, manifested as neoliberalism, is always racialized. We propose a manageable possibility of community-focused engagement and deliberation.



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