Journal of Public Management & Social Policy


Women face tremendous obstacles to success in academic institutions. While we have witnessed incredible progress in some areas of representation of students, staff, or faculty who are women, outcomes by gender continue to be impacted by structural challenges in higher education. One structural barrier is the availability of child care. The article examines the availability and characteristics of child care centers at institutions with a public service commitment to social equity, as evidenced by offering degree programs accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Public Affairs, and Public Administration (NASPAA). Findings indicate that, of the 173 schools with NASPAA-accredited programs, 127 schools (73%) provide some type of child care for students, faculty, or staff members. However, the average full-time cost per child exceeds affordability guidelines which indicates a significant structural factor in child-care accessibility. While findings are descriptive, this study provides evidence of institutional barriers for women in academia.



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