Journal of Public Management & Social Policy


The purpose of this case study was to explore perceptions of the impact of program participation on diminishing social inequity using in-depth semi-structured interviews with marginalized Black and Coloured mothers at a civil society organization (CSO) in the Western Cape Province of South Africa (SA). Narratives from a total of thirty-seven interviews form the basis of this paper. Interviews provide examples of extreme poverty and the importance of within-in program social support networks. This case study highlights the successful efforts of one CSO to alleviate social inequity – through life skills and income generation programming – among impoverished women. Findings indicated that women benefited from participation by gaining a social support network, improving their knowledge and skills, increasing mother-child bonds, and inspiring female entrepreneurship. The goal of this study was to provide much-needed insight into this marginalized community by presenting a variety of voices that are underreported in the literature.



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