African Social Science Review


This study aims at investigating the community level socioeconomic impacts in line with industrial establishments in one of the fast-growing urban centers- Mekelle, Ethiopia. Employing qualitative research designs, data were collected from two purposively selected kebeles. Key-informant interviews, focus group discussions and field observations were used to gather data on the community level socio-economic impacts of the industrial establishment. Findings of the study reveal that at the community level, the industrial establishment has brought a few positive assistances such as infrastructural and community service provisions; construction of grand projects and contribution to the national government; supported sports and other social activities. There were also economic contributions of the industry including provision of training and knowledge transfer; job creation and employment opportunities (permanent, daily, and indirect). The study concludes that expansion of industries while bringing advantages at the national level, it enables the local communities to benefit positively in different facets.



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