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Towards A More Enduring Prevention of Scholarly Plagiarism Among University Students in Nigeria


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The rate at which university students involve in various acts of plagiarism has been a matter of central concern to academics and university management at least over the last decades. The scholarly contributions that the issue has generated are becoming interminable. It is beyond the intention of this paper however to conclude this vast discussion but rather suggest that effective solution to plagiarism among students in the university should not only be hinged on detection-cum-punitive measure alone at the expense of university based prevention programme that helps students develop strong writing skills. This review identified a range of scholarly works that presented evidence on reality of plagiarism and its associated problems in ivory towers particularly in Nigeria. The work primarily focused on addressing plagiarism among university students in Nigeria but, as it has been noted throughout the write-up, achieving effective prevention of plagiarism among students should not be limited to adopting plagiarism software detection alone.