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Language and Graffiti of Exceptional Individuals: Pedagogical Strategies in West Africa


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This paper establishes the place of language and graffiti practiced by exceptional individuals in the interpretation of family values, the preservation of culture and traditional heritage of the Igbo community in Southeastern Nigeria. The paper also takes a cursory look at graffiti art and exceptionality in a time when the Igbo tradition and culture were highly respected, jealously guarded and deep-rooted in the heart and soul of its people. Graffiti creations by exceptional individuals transfer both oral and visual education to documented tradition; for societal knowledge and awareness, individual wisdom, expressions against repression, pride and recognition of Igbo language and art. Unfortunately, the post-Nigeria civil war, evangelical movements with their doctrines and practices, including the influence of western culture; the highly revered expressive medium of exceptional minds are fast disappearing from the Igbo environment. Today, the contemporary Igbo society seemed to be neglecting genuine graffiti art works, turning to other forms of mass communication to pass on information, messages and protests – example, the high-tech murals, internet blogs, electronic billboards, etc. The author recommends collaboration between exceptional artists, researchers and institutions, to revive the positive aspects of graffiti art, and commitment of individual graffiti artists; among others.