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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Biology

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Audrey Player

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Ayodotun Sodipe

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Miranda Hector

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Roderick Holmes


Chromosome 8q, MYBL1, Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Fifteen percent of breast cancer are characterized as the triple negative breast cancer subtype. The cancers are recognized as negative for estrogen, progesterone and ErRB2 receptors, genes that function as transcription and growth factor functions, respectively. Previous data show the MYBL1 transcription factor is over-expressed in some triple negative breast cancers-suggesting dysregulation of the gene in the cancers. MYBL1 gene is a strong transcriptional regulator associated with regulation of cell cycle proliferation which is a key event in cancer progression. To determine genes either directly or indirectly associating with MYBL1 in these cancers we knocked the gene down, performed microarray analyses and identified a list of genes effected by MYBL1 knockdown (some up-regulated and others down regulated). MYBL1 gene is localized to chromosome region 8q.13.1 and bioinformatic analyses show a substantial number of genes either at the same loci or colocalized to the 8q loci. For this study, based on the knockdown, microarray and subsequent bioinformatic analyses, 14 genes were initially identified as possible candidates for validation using bioinformatic based approaches, and polymerase chain and western blotting experimental analyses. Data presented here are a summary of our results which include analysis of the 14 genes and selection of a final subset of 4 genes as final candidates for this study.

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