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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Chemistry

Committee Co-Chairperson

Tuan D Phan

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Sonya Good

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Yuanjian Deng

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Hector Miranda


Diruthenium, Diruthenium Complexes, Diruthenium In Anticancer Activity, Diruthenium Synthesis and Properties


This review provides an overview of some diruthenium complexes with respect to their synthesis methods, physical, and chemical properties. Diruthenium complexes discussed in this thesis play a part an important role in various fields, including medicine, catalysis, biology, nanoscience, redox and photoactive materials. Some synthesis methods will be discussed, which help researchers to enhance experimental conditions. Diruthenium complexes are able to bind to DNA and inhibit its replication and protein synthesis, an important property in cancer treatment. A review of synthesis methods and properties of some diruthenium complexes, [Ru2(ibp)4Cl], [Ru2(asp)4Cl], [Ru2(npx)4(H2O)2]PF6, and [Ru2(ind)4(H2O)2]PF6, that exhibited biological activities is presented in this thesis.