Shazia Najmi

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School of Communication (SOC)

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MA in Communication

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Zantel Nichols

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Reza Poudeh

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Estill Sonnice

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Toniesha Taylor


• Mental Health Literacy • Mental health stigma • Misconceptions • muslim community • Research • awareness


Mental health literacy is progressively aggravating and has become the most researched subject over the past few decades shaping the mental health behavior. Mental health illness and disorders have affected many people all around the world and has become the leading cause of global disease. This thesis has illustrated the enlargement of Mental Health Literacy, which has led to the additional development of mental health literacy research. The aims and objectives are to expand mental health literacy awareness and increasing measures to exclude it to analyze elements of mental health literacy and its scope in Pakistan. In addition, the application of interpretive research allows the researcher to integrate human interest into a study, which is the core of the research topic. People do not have adequate and accurate information about mental health because of the lack of availability of information in Pakistan. The work on this research has all the pointers, which could clearly elaborate how to inform Mental Health Literacy at a Muslim country like Pakistan and an individual level. This research initiates future mental health literacy research and highlights the need and ways to promote for mental health education in community settings.