Call for Papers


Submission Deadline: September 6th

Conference Chairs:
  • Dr. C. B. Claiborne -
  • Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy -
  • Dr. Richard Taylor -

EDUCATION 2020 AND BEYOND: Educating Post-Millennial Students in a Mobile Technology Driven, Globally Connected World

Three forces are currently sweeping over education. The first is the nature of the new student, the Post-Millennial generation. The second is mobile technology which makes more information available at any moment than some libraries previously provided in their reference section. The third is the ability of groups to communicate globally in real time. These forces are, of course, interconnected. Post-millennial students, mobile technology and global education are already shaping and will continue to shape what we do.

This conference addresses the confluence of those forces by addressing our vision of what education for post-millennial students will and could look like. We wish to be forward thinking and cutting edge as we envision the classroom of 2020 and beyond. A classroom where mobile technology, interconnectedness and student empowered learning are passe.

We are soliciting papers that consider visions of education for that world. Papers need not be “technological.” Changes in the human side of education are welcome. We are mindful that most of our new students will have had access to a smart device before they could walk and could navigate apps before they could read. Five tracks have been identified to organize submissions:

  1. Utilizing Technology to Link Classrooms Across Different Countries
    • Papers in this track should address how technology facilitates cross-cultural peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.
  2. The Interactive Classroom
    • Papers in this track should address how technology enhances learning within the classroom.
  3. Social Media’s Enhancement of Teaching
    • Papers in this track should address how social media, specifically, enhances learning and communicationwithin the classroom.
  4. Managing Classroom Security
    • Papers in this track should address how to balance between ensuring technological security, while not stifling access to knowledge within the classroom.
  5. Is Mobile Technology the New Classroom?
    • Papers in this track should address the ways that mobile devices are the new "classroom" and the opportunities that this presents.

We look forward to your submissions. The best papers will be published in a special edition of the Southwestern Business Administration Journal (SBAJ). SBAJ is a journal devoted to business education and listed in Cabell’s( Other papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The deadline for submissions is September 6th.