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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Transportation Planning & Management

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Carol A. Lewis


Among the many challenges facing transportation officials worldwide is the issue of traffic safety. According to many traffic engineers, automated enforcement or photo enforcement has filled the void in addressing the issue both sensibly and economically. One such technique of automated enforcement presently in use is the red light camera traffic violation systems. Red light cameras playa part in helping communities enforce traffic laws by automatically photographing vehicles whose drivers run red lights. The objectives of this thesis were to measure the effectiveness of automated enforcement in decreasing the number of accidents at signalized intersections. To determine how several different operating components of automated enforcement could be used by transportation officials in decreasing accidents. The tools studied included: Public Education and Involvement, Legislation Enacted, Technology, Data Processing, Operational Problems and Program Results. The research conducted concluded that there are several cities that have experienced successful programs of automated enforcement, including double digit decreases in accidents at signalized intersections. The ultimate success of an automated enforcement system relies not only on the technology, but how it is applied and how transportation professionals interact with state and local legislators, local judiciary, and, 1 2 most importantly, the public when implementing automated enforcement. According to traffic enforcement advocates, the most important element in implementing a traffic enforcement system is the fact that it has the potential to change aggressive drivers' behavior and, thusly, decrease accidents at signalized intersections