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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Environmental Toxicology

First Advisor

Chander S. Mehta


DCE is a clear synthetic liquid. Its most common use today is to make vinyl chloride and several substances that dissolve grease, glue, and dirt. The purpose ofthis study was to investigate the effects of DCE on the central nervous system by measuring GFAP and GSH brain levels and SMA. Brain regions studied were CTX, BS, CRE and HP. 49-day male Sprague-Dawley rats were given a single dose of DCE and sacrificed 7 and 14 days later to measure GFAP levels. Dose groups for the 7 -day study were Sml/kg saline and O. 7mllkg DCE. Dose groups for the 14-day study were Sml/kg saline, O.3Sml/kg [L-dose] and O.7ml/kg [H-dose] DCE. SMA for the same 1 2 dose groups as used for the 14-day study was measured on days 1,2,7 and 14 using digiscan computerized cages. Brain GSH levels were measured 2 hours following exposure to 5m1Jk:g saline, O.3Sml/kg and O.SOmllkg DCE. The saline group served as the control group in all cases. In the 7 -day study, GFAP levels were significantly (p