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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Chemistry

First Advisor

Professor Bobby Wilson


In this study we examined Ester to Amide exchange reactions. The optimum conditions of these reactions were identified. We studied three commercially available catalysts; Dibutyl Tin Oxide, Titanium (IV) Butoxide, and Potassium Cyanide in Amide preparation. Potassium Cyanide proved to be the best catalyst for Amide preparation. Potassium Cyanide behaved as a base in this system. We proposed a possible mechanism for Ester to Amide exchange reactions using KCN as catalyst. We also compared this Amide preparation with other Amidation and Transamidation reactions. There are many esterification reactions in the literature but very few examples of Ester to Amide exchange reactions. This research examines transesterification reactions from a new prospective and opens new doors for the study of transesterification reactions.