Moussa Diarra

Document Type


Date of Award



College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

Degree Name

MS in Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr Lila Ghemri


A social network is a network that allows people to connect and share data amongst themselves. While some people use social networks to solidify existing social relationships or create new ones, others use them to share data or find interesting news. These data can be of different types depending on the online social network the user is subscribed to, for instance the content shared on YouTube (YouTube, 2005) is different from the one shared on Twitter (Twitter, 2006) or Facebook (Facebook, 2004). Online social networks have lately known an exponential growth in popularity. For instance, according to [Crum, 2011L from 2010 to 2014 Facebook and Twitter have respectively seen a growth of 66.1% and 51%. Research in social networking has shown that certain entities in a network playa more important role than others, for example, entities or people with a greater notoriety and influence playa more strategic role within a network. The main goal of this thesis is to study a social network in order to determine important entities. We will introduce specific measurement tools that will allow analyzing online social networks and determining which entities are important and why are they so. vi