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Professor Betty Taylor-Thompson


Nobel Laureate Literature Toni Morrison is an author who is characterized by her visionary force, which gives life to a vital aspect of American reality. Toni Morrison was born on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio. Morrison is noted for applying the theme of feminism to her novels. More specifically, what feminism ultimately reveals is its indifference with the African Woman, simply because of its racist intentions. Morrison applies the Africana Womanist theory in order to categorize African Women collectively in a manner that will enable them to establish their own identity. . White female feminists fought for all people and brought about the historical background of feminism, yet there was still a yearning for black women to be categorized separately. Africana Womanism is a term coined by author, Clenora Hudson-Weems as a result of an elongated debate concerning the self-naming of Africana Women. However, it is the Africana Womanist Theory that has put into perspective the actual experiences, struggles, needs, and desires of African Women, unlike the feminist movement, which not designed with the African woman in mind. 1 The primary objectives for this study are to (l) define feminism and its origin (2) examinee the Africana Womanist Theory (3) apply the Africana Womanist Theory to Sula. In regards to the acceptance of the aforementioned arguments, one should be enlightened and are encouraged to research the topic further. This study should serve as an inspiration, due to African American female writers who have made significant and imperative changes to the rise of African American Literature. The purpose of this study is to explore the feminist aspect of the female characters in Toni Morrison's Sula. The sources used for reference will be: anthologies, primary texts biographies, and literary criticism. It is also imperative to include two notable African American feminist critics, Bell Hooks and Barbara Christian. The combined texts and criticism will provide essential information in order to complete this study regarding Toni Morrison's Sula. The order of sequence is Part I. Introduction and Description of Scholarly Methodology; Part II. Review of Literature: The Basic Concepts of: Feminism B. Black Feminism C. Africana Womanist Theory; Part III. Review of the Female Characters in Sula A. Sula Peace B. Nel Wright, C. Eva Peace; Part IV. Summary and Conclusion