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School of Communication (SOC)

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MA in Communication

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Professor D. Gaye Perry


Videoconferencing is a new and rapidly developing field. More and more companies, institutions and governmental departments are taking advantage of the real benefits it offers. Some universities are utilizing this technology where they have multi-campus instructional studies. Others, are transacting business by using videoconferencing technology on a regular basis. This study was an attempt to identify the impact of videoconferencing technology on group communication in the area of information exchange. For the purpose of this study, a quantitative analysis was used. A videoconferencing questionnaire pre-test were the and post-test instruments of measurement and the participants were all executive assistants (EAs) who worked for a major transit authority in a large Southwest city. This transportation agency employs over 3600 employees and has eight local satellite offices 1 2 excluding its headquarters. None of the persons in this study had ever participated in a videoconference before this experiment. All, however, had heard of the technological aspect of videoconferencing. It was discovered that in both tests, over half of those surveyed felt that to some degree, videoconferencing technology impacted information exchange in group meetings.