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School of Communication (SOC)

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MA in Communication

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Professor James W. Ward


Teacher morale should be a concern for public school administrators. Research suggests that poor teacher morale can ultimately affect student performance. Research also indicates that teacher morale is affected by the leadership style and power base usage of the principal. The purpose of this study is to describe multi-grade secondary teachers' perception of administrative leadership and morale. A qualitative study approach utilizing an interview framework was conducted to collect data. This approach enabled the researcher to collect participants' thoughts, feelings, and views. The data collected from the interviews will provide an informative description in regards to teacher perceptions of administrative leadership and morale. Data analysis included textual analysis, which identified characteristics emerging from interviews. Other means of validation occurred through member checks and peer debriefing. This study was conducted in a large urban school district in a metropolitan area. Teachers with varying experience levels were invited to participate in the study. The findings emerging from the interviews fell into fore-grounded themes, and back-rounded themes. The implications for research and policies ruling individuals indicated there is a 1 2 need for further study of other teachers as a means of including teacher voice in mandates and practices that affect teachers directly and students indirectly