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School of Communication (SOC)

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MA in Communication

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Professor Humphrey A. Regis


The aim of this study was to investigated the programming choices and content desires among adults aged 18-64 that listen to KTSU 90.9FM. Many FM radio stations in Houston, Texas and across the country have embraced the digital technology of lID Radio broadcasting. These stations are using niche programs to attract and maintain its listening audiences. Radio listening habits are rapidly changing due to such new listening choices as satellite radio, Internet streaming, mobile devices, and MP3 players. KTSU airs music, news, sports, and talk programs on its lID1 channel. Currently, there are no programs on KTSU's lID2 and HD3 channels. This study investigated the listening preferences among these adults to determine what programs the station should consider for its HD channels. The study utilized an online survey conducted via KTSU' s homepage, consisting of a 22-item questionnaire, and targeted to KTSU listeners, underwriters, supporters, volunteers, and other recruited individuals. From this population, 100 respondents completed the questionnaire. The primary findings suggest that respondents prefer jazz, gospel, and R&B music formats and are more likely to use HD Radio technology in the future than some recent national surveys suggest. The results suggest that the station would be wise to continue its tested music formats and to employ HD Radio in trying to keep existing listeners and attract new listeners