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Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs (SOPA)

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MS in Administration of Justice

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Dr. Charlene Evans


This discussion highlights the experiences of several literary activists of African descent and how their lives contribute to the ongoing dialogue on race and the ever-changing social structures of the larger African community in all of its locales. The study covers the history of slavery, colonization, and apartheid as it relates to the continent of Africa and its subsequent sociological and ideological effects on descendants of Africa throughout the Diaspora. Furthermore, this study encourages individuals of African descent, particularly African American students, to engage in a dialogue that encompasses and is outside of the longstanding traditional literary canon, but also delves into the expanding body of the literature of the African Diaspora-specifically that which reflects the nature of African identity, its molding as a result of imposed social and political structures from the past and the present as the relate to various places within the Diaspora, and its inherent call to action