Kenneth Brown

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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Mathematics


Contrary to popular belief marine transportation is probably the most vulnerable and the most critical sector of transportation. The Marine Transportation System (MTS) is comprised of ships, tugs, barges, ports, rail and trucking all operating in a highly integrated system. The vulnerability of the MTS to the effects of possible terrorist attacks would not only pose a great threat to the safety of the local community but also our U.S. economy. In other modes of transportation such as surface, air, and mass transit, security and safety issues have been addressed through Technological improvements. Many of these Technological improvements fall under a concept formally known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Its incorporation of telecommunication systems and other existing technologies has made it popular tool to help increase the efficiency of the existing transportation system. The intent of this research is to introduce the major security issues facing the shipping industry, and to promote a sense of awareness of the fragility of this system as it relates to terrorism. Case study data from the 10 busiest ports are used in this study in order to develop a general Idea of the perception of the inherent dangers posed by terrorism, and also to identify the current efforts made by Ports and our US government to deal with this issue. This study utilized the "Intelligent Transportation System 1 Architecture" to develop a similar architecture frame work geared toward the marine industry to introduce potential ITS technologies and applications that could potentially enhance marine port security. Exemplary ITS technologies and applications include Satellite Telecommunications, Data Management Subsystem, Fleet and Freight Management _subsystem, Biometrics Identification Cards, Shipper Booking Interface, On-Board Cargo Monitoring System, Freight Breach System, and many others. The effectiveness of these presented applications will be based on the success of systems currently operating in other modes of transportation. Because this is a homeland security issue that can affect this nation negatively if not protected, this study has been conducted. The final and most important goals of this research are to encourage serious consideration to these issues to foster a more reliable and secured marine transportation system. 2