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College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (COSET)

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MS in Chemistry

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Professor John B. Sapp


Structural recognition of the complexation between organic enthyties depends on the placement of the complimentary bonding site, their steric barrier on host as part of major rings (the 1,1' binaphthyl groups). The macrorings which include oxygen attached to the 2,2' position of the naphthyl made the 2,2' dihydroxy-1, 1 ' biphenyl the key to this research. In the synthesis of systems containing one biarryl unit, a prototype reaction of 2,2' dihydroxyl 1,1' biphenyl was treated with pentaethyleneglycol ditosylate and sodium hydroxide in dioxane butanol (12%). This research involves the systhesis of cyclicpolyether in a manner to that described above.