Mickey Leland Archives

Mickey Leland Archives

On September 1, 2016, The Mickey Leland Center on Hunger, Poverty, and World Peace at Texas Southern University adopted its new name. The center was repurposed to demonstrate and align more with the vision and focus of the late Congressman Mickey Leland. The newly named center continues to administer the unpublished papers, artifacts, and audio visual materials dealing with the work of the late U.S. Congressman George Thomas “Mickey” Leland III. Alison Leland, the widow of the late Congressman, donated his congressional papers to Texas Southern University in 1989. The Mickey Leland Archives and Library is a part of the Archives Collection of the 18th Congressional District of Houston, Texas, located at Texas Southern University. Mickey Leland papers documents his public service career from 1970 to 1989 and provide a political perspective on the history and culture of Houston, its 88th State District, and the 18th U.S. Congressional District during those years.

The collection features papers and records of local political and civic leaders; labor, professional and ethnic organizations; artists, authors and activist groups. It reveals that Leland successfully represented the interests of Houston’s liberals and conservatives, African Americans, Hispanics and whites, rich and poor, in order to become one of the most durable and successful advocates for hunger relief and the interests of the homeless in the history of American politics.

For more information on the Mickey Leland Archives, click here. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. IMLS #723-14009. Click Here To visit the IMLS Website To inspect the original collection 'Summary Guide' and or the current 'Addendum' click the appropriate link that follows.

Also most recently uncovered you can review the Mickey Leland Papers, a project documented c.1992 and likely the first time publicly available.

The Mickey Leland Papers & Collection Addendum. (Texas Southern University, 2015)

The Mickey Leland Papers & Collection (Sheldrew, 1998)

The Mickey Leland Papers. (Texas Southern University, c1994)


Browse the Mickey Leland Archives Collections:

Series 1: Legislative Files, Texas, 1973 - 1978

Series 2: Legislative Files, Washington, 1978 - 1989

Series 3: House Committee, Texas, 1973 - 1978

Series 4: House Committees, Washington, 1978 - 1989

Series 5: State Government, 1973 - 1989

Series 6: Federal Government, 1979 - 1989

Series 7: Texas (Speeches, Articles, Interviews, Press Statements, Press Releases, Demonstrations, Trips, Meetings, Invitations) 1972 - 1989

Series 8: Campaigns, 1972 - 1989

Series 9: Political Affairs, 1972 - 1989

Series 10: Public Relations

Series 11: Speeches, Articles, Trips and Meetings

Series 12: Administration 1972 - 1989

Series 13: Personal & Biographical 1944 - 1989

Series 14: The Mickey Leland Audio Visual Collection

Series 15: The Mickey Leland Staff Files, 1978 - 1989