Summary of Philippine Eagle reproductive success, 1978-98

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The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is one of the rarest eagles in the world. Its present status has always been regarded as critically endangered. Previous estimates of the Philippine Eagle population have been speculative (Alvarez 1970, Gonzales 1971, Rabor 1971). The most recent estimate suggests that the total population consists of between 300-500 individuals (Kennedy 1977, 1985). Philippine Eagles lay a single egg and have a 2-yr cycle between successive breedings when pairs breed successfully, but in cases when breeding attempts fail, adults breed the following year. Since work began in earnest on this species, a large amount of information on nesting successes and failures in Mindanao have been amassed. Here, we report this information based on records collected over the past 20 yr, and provide insights as to the key reason for the decline of the population.

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