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Claiborne, Claudius


This Senior Honors Thesis explored the idea of static advertising and dynamic advertising in the fashion industry. It discussed the similarities and the differences between the two styles of advertising (with an emphasis on the fashion industry), gave examples of both styles of advertising and explained the results of the research plan initiated to understand how static advertising and dynamic advertising impacts the fashion industry within our current society. Participants for the research plan included twelve Texas Southern University students that were split into four categories: Marketing Majors, Business Majors, Fashion Entrepreneurs and Other Majors. Throughout the Spring 2019 semester, each student was given an in-person interview to understand their knowledge of static advertising and dynamic advertising and to receive their opinion about the two advertising styles' use in the fashion industry for our current society. Results are discussed in terms of qualitative data, showcased in various tables, based off of the answers given in the interviews.



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