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Background: Health information can be more easily transmitted and diffused through the Internet, but questionable online health information often misinforms patients. Physicians have a duty to inform patients how to achieve positive health outcomes. Many physicians often write blogs to provide patients with the right health information. However, most articles available on this sub-ject only describe the blog phenomena without providing a theoretical background and an empirical analysis of doctors using blogs. Methods: This study based on social cognitive theory (SCT) explores the factors influencing physicians’ intention of continuously blogging. A total of 887 physician blog-gers were invited to participate in an online survey and 128 valid responses were received. Results: The SCT was proven to be useful in explaining 36.8% of the variation in physicians’ continuous intention to blog. Conclusions: We provide references for platform developers with different strategies to motivate doctors to blog, and the implications and limitations of this study are discussed.