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Abstract-The paper presents N-element switchable beam antennas (BAs) system design for Wireless Sensor Node (WSN), in which the operation of the BAs was characterized by semi-Markov Decision Process (SMDP) with variable sojourn time. A matrix-based switching methodology was introduced for selecting an operational BA, based on the received signal power by each BA. Optimal analysis was carried-out to obtain optimal results in terms of the maximum total of sum of discounted reward in current states. Also developed in the study is the methodology for switching a BA from non-operational to operational state and vice-versa. The effectiveness of this switchable BAs system design was tested via numerical analysis implemented in MATLAB software. Numerical results show that this novel approach enables the WSN equipped with BAs to select and maintain an operational BA in receive (or transmit) mode for the entire duration of packets reception (or transmission). The authors found no paper in the existing literature that provides this capability.