Collaborative Data and Energy Transmission for Energy-Rechargeable Mobile Devices

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Mobile hotspots have made the dream of ubiquitous Internet access come true, while the widespread applications are still hindered by the limited power of smart phones. To address this issue, we propose a novel distributed cooperative data transmission scheme for energy-rechargeable mobile devices. In particular, we not only let a mobile phone help the nearby client devices connect to the Internet via its cellular accessing, but also let those clients replenish the mobile hotspot energy via wireless power transfer. We mathematically formulate the mutually beneficial relationship between mobile hotspots and clients into an optimization problem, with the objective of conducting the cooperative wireless data and energy transmission to maximize the system utility. Resorting to methods from combinatorics and matching theory, we develop a near optimal solution for many-to-one matching when there is a single mobile hotspot and a distributed matching strategy for the general case by considering the nature of data communication and the characteristic of wireless power transfer. By extensive simulation, we show that the proposed distributed solution achieves a performance close to the centralized method, and it outperforms the greedy matching strategy and the classic Gale-Shapley matching strategy in different scenarios.