Framework for rapid integration of offline experiments into remote laboratory

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Remote laboratory (RL) has become an important component of online education and smart factory due to its capability of remote operation and cost-saving. Recent advantages of information technology have provided various ways to develop RLs. However, how to rapidly bring an offline experiment online is still a vital issue in the development of RL. In this paper, a new flexible framework based on social instant messaging (IM) application architecture is proposed for integrating an offline remote experiment into RL rapidly as a communication node with unique ID. To rapidly connect the LabVIEW controlled devices to server, a new LtoN_UID (LabVIEW to Node.js with Unique ID) module built on Socket.IO protocol is designed and implemented. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this new flexible framework, two existing engineering experiments, i.e., a Smart Vibration Platform (SVP) experiment and a PID motor speed control experiment, are integrated into remote laboratory.