Adaptive-ID Secure Identity-Based Signature Scheme from Lattices in the Standard Model

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Identity-based signature (IBS) which is a paradigm built on public key cryptography has played a significant role in light-weight authentication. With the advent of the post quantum era, the lattice has become a main mathematical tool to construct quantum-immune cryptographic schemes. By utilizing an admissible hash function with compatible algorithms and lattice trapdoors as basic building blocks, we propose a new IBS scheme over lattices. The scheme is proved existentially unforgeable against adaptive identity attacks and chosen message attacks in the standard model under inhomogeneous short integer solution assumption via the generalized partitioning proof technique. Moreover, the scheme needs only logarithmic basic matrices as master public key while keeping the same private key size and signature size as those of other standard model lattice-based IBS schemes. This construction is the first adaptive-ID secure standard model IBS scheme over lattice with such space efficiency.