Design of straight bevel gear for pitting resistance

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Based on the Tredgold geometric approximation, a transparent contact stress capacity model for straight bevel gears is presented. A bevel load factor is defined which provides a kinetic link between the physical bevel gear and virtual spur gear. Three design cases of contact stress computations from different references are carried out and compared with AGMA estimates. Differences in results vary from 2.4% to 23.4% with the new model estimates, generally lower than AGMA values. The design sizing version of the new model is applied in two design cases. Comparison of the service load factor values for design sizing and design verification indicates a difference of 0.76% in case 4 and -1.65% in case 5. While more design cases are necessary for further verification of the design approach presented, it may however, be concluded from the results of our study that the design model presented appears reasonable.