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In the challenging downhole environment, drilling tools are normally subject to high temperature, severe vibration, and other harsh operation conditions. The drilling activities generate massive field data, namely field reliability big data (FRBD), which includes downhole operation, environment, failure, degradation, and dynamic data. Field reliability big data has large size, high variety, and extreme complexity. FRBD presents abundant opportunities and great challenges for drilling tool reliability analytics. Consequently, as one of the key factors to affect drilling tool reliability, the downhole vibration factor plays an essential role in the reliability analytics based on FRBD. This paper reviews the important parameters of downhole drilling operations, examines the mode, physical and reliability impact of downhole vibration, and presents the features of reliability big data analytics. Specifically, this paper explores the application of vibration factor in reliability big data analytics covering tool lifetime/failure prediction, prognostics/diagnostics, condition monitoring (CM), and maintenance planning and optimization. Furthermore, the authors highlight the future research about how to better apply the downhole vibration factor in reliability big data analytics to further improve tool reliability and optimize maintenance planning.