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Spring 1-15-2015


Signalized intersections are one of the most complicated and risky locations in the transportation network. If drivers make misjudgments and run a red light by mistake, it may put themselves and other road users at a great risk. To assist drivers in making the right decisions when passing through a signalized intersection, two Advanced Traffic Signal Status Warning Systems (ATSSWS), the Variable Message Sign (VMS) based warning system and the Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) based onboard driver warning system, were designed and tested by driving simulator-based experiments. The results revealed that both ATSSWSs can significantly reduce vehicles’ maximum deceleration rates, number of red light violations and other critical events when passing through a signalized intersection. Between these two ATSSWSs, the V2I based onboard driver warning system offers more remarkable improvements in most of cases. In addition, a post survey was conducted to the participated drivers for collecting their feedback on these two ATSSWSs. The survey results showed that most of the drivers believe that these two ATSSWSs are helpful and easy to accommodate.