Lauren Crusoe

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College of Education (COE)

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Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction

Committee Chairperson

Delilah Gonzales

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Holim Song

Committee Member 2

Ingrid Haynes

Committee Member 3

Hope Luster

Committee Member 4

Lacey Reynolds


• Advanced Placement Programs • Education • Gifted and Talented • Gifted Gap


For decades systemic inequalities in advanced placement courses in education have been a continued driving force to reduce opportunities for African American males compared to other ethnicities. This research provides a statistical analysis of the "Gifted Gap" in school districts within the United States serving an expanding metropolitan region with limited educational opportunities to grow due to gender, racial, and socioeconomic disproportions. The purpose of this quantitative non-experimental study was to investigate the differences between African American male students compared to other ethnic male students, which may pose a "Gifted Gap" due to racial and gender factors in gifted and advanced school programs. Two separate archival datasets were obtained through the US Department of Education. To answer the three research questions, a series of independent samples t-tests, ANOVAs, and chi-squared tests was conducted on each of the two datasets.


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