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College of Education (COE)

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Ed.D., Counselor Education

Committee Chairperson

Irvine E. Epps

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Shanna Broussard

Committee Member 2

Jessica Davis

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Ronnie Davis


• competency • LGBTQ+ youth • school counselor


The purpose of this study was to examine the school counselors’ total competency of preparedness, attitudes, and basic knowledge of LGBTQ+ students across the United States. Specifically, the researcher was concerned with the predictable relationship between the school setting (middle and high school), geographical location (urban and rural), and the number of professional development training hours on the total competency (preparedness, attitudes, and basic knowledge) regarding LGBTQ+ students of school counselors. The sample consisted of 174 secondary school counselors from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). Purposive sampling was utilized to select the population sample. Sequential Multiple Regression was used to analyze the predictable relationship between school setting, geographical location, and the number of professional development training hours on total competency. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested at the .05 level or better. The LGBT-DOCCS (Bidell, 2017) and a demographic questionnaire were used to gather for this study.



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