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College of Education (COE)

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Ed.D., Educational Administration

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Bernnell Peltier-Glaze

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Danita Bailey-Samples

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Marshall Dupas

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Jacqueline Smith

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Ronnie Davis


• Attrition • leadership • suburban


The shortage of teachers in the country is staggering (Shuls & Flores, 2020). According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics (2022), teacher shortages widen the equity gap in education; therefore, it is essential to assess and monitor

teacher attrition. This study added to the body of knowledge relating to teacher attrition by exploring the predictive relationship between attrition and instructional factors, principal demographics, and leadership styles as perceived by teachers. The study focused on suburban middle school teachers and their perception of attrition which was the dependent variable. The three independent variable sets were: principal leadership styles (transactional, transformational, Laissez-faire, and authoritarian) and other leadership demographic factors, institutional factors (Title I versus Non-Title I campus) and classroom factors (class size, discipline, subject taught). This study will add to the body of knowledge and benefit principals, human resources (HR) staff, and teachers.


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