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College of Education (COE)

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Ed.D., Educational Administration

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Reginald Todd

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Jafus Cavil

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Delilah Gonzales

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Ingrid Haynes

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Holim Song


• Reading interventions • Response to Intervention • Teacher perceptions • Tier 2


Many students in schools in the United States today are considered at-risk in their reading ability. The disproportionate number of students making inadequate progress places the fate of students at stake. Response to Intervention (RTI) was created to support student growth in reading while reducing the number of students requiring testing for disabilities. This study aims to examine teacher perceptions of RTI reading interventions. Specifically, this study will be concerned with the effects of Tier 2 reading interventions by examining their perceptions of professional development, data and progress monitoring, resources, and support surrounding reading interventions. While an extensive body of research analyzes Response to Intervention and its effects on students’ reading achievement, the amount of research on teacher perceptions of reading interventions is amiss. A quantitative, descriptive research design was utilized in this study. Likert scale survey research was used and analyzed in this study. A total of thirty-six participants completed the survey. Two research questions framed the study. Research question 1 had a mean of 2.2641. Research question 2 had a mean of 2.3114. Open-ended question 1 yielded four themes: time-consuming, inadequate support, large numbers of students in Tier 2, and resources. Open-ended question 2 yielded two themes: student grouping and ongoing, strategic training needed.


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