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College of Education (COE)

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Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction

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Jacqueline Smith

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Marshal Dupas

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Viveca Grant

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Holim Song

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Reginald Todd


• Emergent Literacy Development • Reading Pedagogy • Social-Emotional Learning


According to the study, teachers' beliefs significantly shape the instructional practices they choose to employ in the classroom. The study's overarching goal was to ascertain whether children’s emergent literacy development (ages 3 and 4) is positively influenced by their early childhood teachers' social-emotional instruction, reading pedagogy, phonological awareness activities, and educational qualifications. This study focuses on early childhood centers across the southeastern jurisdiction of the United States. The researcher selected participants from a comprehensive list of over 2,300 regional non-governmental financed early childhood programs that were publicly available through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), a state-managed database. One hundred seventy-four early childhood teachers participated in the research. Multiple regression statistics were utilized to investigate the predictability of the research hypotheses at the .05 level of significance, with a primary emphasis on four independent variables. According to the findings of this study, early childhood teachers' beliefs and practices regarding phonological awareness, social-emotional learning, and reading pedagogy improved the emergent literacy development of prekindergarten children (ages 3 and 4) participating in non-government-sponsored childcare centers.


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