Submissions from 2021

Age-and Region-Dependent Disposition of Raloxifene in Rats, Ting Du, Rongjin Sun, Imoh Etim, Zicong Zheng, Dong Liang, Ming Hu, and Song Gao

A positive–negative switching LC-MS/MS method for quantification of fenoldopam and its phase II metabolites: Applications to a pharmacokinetic study in rats, Ting Du, Rongjin Sun, Nyma Siddiqui, Linda Moatamed, Yun Zhang, Dong Liang, Ming Hu, and Song Gao

Glucuronides hydrolysis by intestinal microbial β-glucuronidases (Gus) is affected by sampling, enzyme preparation, buffer ph, and species, Christabel Ebuzoeme, Imoh Etim, Autumn Ikimi, Jamie Song, Ting Du, Ming Hu, Dong Liang, and Song Gao

Racial disparity in drug disposition in the digestive tract, Song Gao, Edward C. Bell, Yun Zhang, and Dong Liang

Pharmacokinetic model analysis of supralingual, oral and intravenous deliveries of mycophenolic acid, Xiuqing Gao, Lei Wu, Robert Y.L. Tsai, Jing Ma, Xiaohua Liu, Diana S.L. Chow, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie

Oral absorption and drug interaction kinetics of moxifloxacin in an animal model of weightlessness, Dong Liang, Jing Ma, and Bo Wei

A novel irinotecan-lipiodol nanoemulsion for intravascular administration: pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in the normal and tumor bearing rat liver, Marites P. Melancon, Steven Yevich, Rony Avritscher, Adam Swigost, Linfeng Lu, Li Tian, Jossana A. Damasco, Katherine Dixon, Andrea C. Cortes, Nina M. Munoz, Dong Liang, David Liu, and Alda L. Tam

Development and validation of a sensitive, specific and reproducible uplc-ms/ms method for the quantification of ojt007, a novel anti-leishmanial agent: Application to a pharmacokinetic study, Maria Rincon Nigro, Jing Ma, Ololade Tosin Awosemo, Huan Xie, Omonike Arike Olaleye, and Dong Liang

Immune checkpoint-related serum proteins and genetic variants predict outcomes of localized prostate cancer, a cohort study, Qinchuan Wang, Yuanqing Ye, Hao Yu, Shu Hong Lin, Huakang Tu, Dong Liang, David W. Chang, Maosheng Huang, and Xifeng Wu

Submissions from 2020

Development and validation of ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry method for the determination of raloxifene and its phase II metabolites in plasma: Application to pharmacokinetic studies in rats, Ting Du, Rongjin Sun, Li Li, Christabel Ebuzoeme, Dinh Bui, Zicong Zheng, Taijun Yin, Dong Liang, Ming Hu, and Song Gao

Bioanalytical assay development and validation for the pharmacokinetic study of gmc1, a novel fkbp52 co-chaperone inhibitor for castration resistant prostate cancer, Oscar Ekpenyong, Candace Cooper, Jing Ma, Naihsuan C. Guy, Ashley N. Payan, Fuqiang Ban, Artem Cherkasov, Marc B. Cox, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie

Pre-clinical pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and physicochemical studies of CLBQ14, a novel methionine aminopeptidase inhibitor for the treatment of infectious diseases, Oscar Ekpenyong, Xiuqing Gao, Jing Ma, Candace Cooper, Linh Nguyen, Omonike A. Olaleye, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie

Determination and validation of mycophenolic acid by a UPLC-MS/MS method: Applications to pharmacokinetics and tongue tissue distribution studies in rats, Xiuqing Gao, Robert Y.L. Tsai, Jing Ma, Parnit K. Bhupal, Xiaohua Liu, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie

In vitro and in vivo characterization of potent antileishmanial methionine aminopeptidase 1 inhibitors, Felipe Rodriguez, Sarah F. John, Eva Iniguez, Sebastian Montalvo, Karina Michael, Lyndsey White, Dong Liang, Omonike A. Olaleye, and Rosa A. Maldonado

A UHPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of JIB-04 in rat plasma: Development, validation and application to pharmacokinetics study, Yang Wang, Jing Ma, Elisabeth D. Martinez, Dong Liang, and Huan Xie